Understanding views ( list, board, gantt, calendar)

Use project Views in Teamcamp to sort and filter your list of tasks, view your tasks on the board, get a clear view of the start and end date of tasks with Gantt view, and view tasks with due dates on a Calendar.

All tasks details, functions, and activities are the same in all views in Teamcamp.

List view

In list view, all tasks sort based on category. Also, you can sort and filter tasks by members and tags, too.

Task List-filters

All Tasks, sort by status in tabs.


you can add tasks from here. ( for more details please read the tasks article.)

create tasks in list view

Board view

In the board view, columns represent categories. Also, you can sort and filter based on members and status, too.

Board view-filter

You can add a category.

Board view- category

You can add tasks from + on top of each column.

Board- Add task

Gantt view

In Gantt view, all tasks sort by category.

Gantt Views

Calendar view

In the Calendar view, all tasks can sort based on the task’s start date or end date.