How to Create and Manage Projects

Everything starts with a Project in Teamcamp. Projects allow you to organize all of the tasks related to a specific initiative, goal, or big piece of work into a list or board.

Create a project

The first Step, add a new project for any initiative, goal, or big/small piece of work.

Add new Project

Set up your new project

Project Setup

Invite members

you can invite your project team by their email address, here.

Add Member

Now, you can add tasks here and start your project.

Manage a project

Projects List

when you login to you account, your projects list will be shown.

Project Lists


Project dashboard

project dashboard - teamcamp

Project Setting

you can find project setting icon, in left sidebar.

Project Setting

Edit project

you can edit project information. from project info tab.

Project Edit

Project History

you can track a project history from project history tab.

Project Members

you can add or delete project members here. also you can select member role (Manager/Member) from here.

Project Members