How to Create and Manage Tasks

What are tasks?

Tasks typically represent actionable steps or to-do’s to make it clear who’s responsible for what by when—but they can also represent ideas and reference items. Tasks store all the files, conversations, instructions, and activity history related to it so the information stays in the right place (and one place.) Tasks are usually part of a project so they’re easy to find and visible to your teammates.

Tasks are the basic unit of action in Teamcamp. You can; create new tasks, duplicate an existing task, Edit task information or delete a task. Task names are listed in the main pane. Click on any task to show its details in the right pane.

Create Tasks

Create tasks quickly by typing the task subject in the top box in the main pane.

Create Task-Subject

Task properties

During task creation, you can these properties for a new task:


for more information about the task, you can add a description.

Task Description


The person responsible to complete the task

Task Assignee

Task Category

Task Category

Task Tags

for adding tags, please use # before tag title in the task description. for example #content #Media

Task Tag


You can set the task as a milestone ( note: milestone has start date only )

Mark as milestone

Start/End date

when the task should be start and end during the project.

Task start end date


Estimate how much time/ point needed to task be completed.

Task Estimation


Define task checklist items

Task Checklist

Tasks can be shown in three different views, List, Board, and Gantt Chart, all task properties and actions are the same in all views. please read more about views here.

After you added the task, you can attach files to it.

You can edit all task properties after the task added.


Task Actions

After creating the task, you can do these actions in the details pane:

  1. Change status
  2. Edit task
  3. Add comment
  4. Set progress
  5. Actual start/end date
  6. Add subtasks
  7. Duplicate task
  8. Attach Files
  9. Add workload
  10. Delete Task

tasks Activities

The first tab provides detailed information about a task. Also, you can directly make a skype to your teammate from here.

skype call

Change status

Each task can have 3 statuses: todo iconTodo, doing iconDoing,done icon Done. also overdue tasks, shown tasks which their due dates are passed.

Task status can change by clicking on the left icons in the list view. Also, in task detail icons show on the top pane.

Edit task

You can edit iconEdit all task properties after task creation.

Edit task

Add comment

Comments show any update, history, or conversation about the task. Also, any team member can be notified about the new comments.

Add Comment

Set progress

Add task progress will help calculate the project’s actual progress more accurately.


Actual start/end date

Insert actual start/end date support to calculate the project variation.

Actual date

Add subtask

Here you can add subtask. subtask has the same properties and actions as the task.


Duplicate task

here you can duplicate a task with its properties. ( define frequent tasks once and make them duplicate.)

Task Duplicate

Attach Files

you can attach files to the task anytime.


Add workload

you can add daily task effort here.



Delete Task

Delete task