Manage Multiple Projects with Portfolio

Portfolio is available for the Enterprise members.

The portfolio provides a holistic view of all your important projects in one place. You can organize your most important projects, monitor their health in real-time, and drill in for more information, and keep your team updated on progress.

Create a Portfolio

  • You can reach the portfolio tab after you log in to your account.
  • you can create a portfolio for several related projects which you want to have a holistic view.

projects portfolio

Portfolio Dashboard

The portfolio dashboard provides efficient information about your important projects, such as Project health card, actual vs plan progress, tasks No., task status.



Timeline of portfolio

In the timeline view, you have a holistic view of the portfolio’s project sort by their categories. You can see the actual vs plan the progress of the project category.

Portfolio Roadmap



Workload view has the same information as project workload. You have a holistic view of team members’ workload toward several projects.